Community Service

WIHED – Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development

The CHOICE Center in Chelsmford, MA offers 32 one-bedroom apartments and five two-bedroom units for low-income seniors. For over 35 years, the Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development has created quality, affordable housing across Massachusetts and Connecticut.  They have developed 64 affordable housing properties and preserved 16 existing properties in partnership with local organizations, creating more than 1,500 units of housing.  Mission-driven, they don’t simply house vulnerable populations; they also cultivate service-enriched communities that foster economic stability, physical well-being, and offer long term solutions to prevent homelessness. Extremely low income families, domestic violence survivors, veterans, and individuals recovering from substance abuse are some of the populations that benefit from their expertise.


Many of IFDA’s members work in the housing industry, and we are well positioned to understand the enormous power of ‘home’.  Our enthusiasm and empathy for the Women’s Institute’s mission can be seen in the phenomenal success of our 2015 Take a Seat fundraiser in their behalf.  In 2016, your IFDA New England Community Service committee members are hard at work at the Women’s Institute’s historic Grinnell Mansion in New Bedford, where a wish list of improvements is being undertaken, including the transformation of the resident entrance by artist Marilyn MacLeod of Lee Designs, storage solutions by Nancy Dayian of California Closets, kitchen improvements by Alyssa Haggerty of Landmark Services, and the addition of art work by Tamara Wolfson of A+Murals and Jacqui Becker of Jacqueline Becker Fine Arts Consulting Services.