Meet a Board Member: Larissa Cook

Join us in welcoming new IFDA New England board member, Larissa Cook!

Larissa is an Executive Vice President at FBN Construction and we are glad to have her serving on the board as Recording Secretary. 

Check out her bio:

Larissa Cook, Executive Vice President, FBN Construction
Larissa Cook, Executive Vice President, FBN Construction

Larissa Cook is the Executive Vice President of FBN Construction, an award-winning Boston-based construction company. Larissa has risen as a leader in the industry. Awarded the Boston Builders Association’s Rising Star Award in 2014 and the Boston Builders Association’s Executive Officers Appreciation Award in 2015, Larissa has been recognized for her expert leadership in the field.

With experience working alongside some of the most influential leaders in Boston-based construction and former Presidents of the Boston Builders Association, Larissa understands the construction industry inside out, as well as outside-in. Her experience in all aspects of construction: she seamlessly interacts with clients to understand project goals and budgetary concerns, creates meaningful partnerships with vendors, contractors, and subcontractors, and leads a successful business with integrity and customer-centric care. Under her guidance and leadership at FBN, the company has more than double its size in ten years.

FBN Construction’s core values of transparency, honesty, and customer-centric care are embodied by how Larissa listens and leads. Constantly encouraging team development and shared celebration of successes, she holds her team members accountable to embodying FBN values and effectively delivering for customers. With Larissa at the helm, FBN Construction has become more than just an exceptional Boston construction company – it’s a family, eager to invite new clients and partners into its honest and warm community.

When she’s not collaborating with clients, maintaining project budgets, or organizing office celebrations, Larissa enjoys traveling, advocating for animal rights, and horseback riding.