Rosemary Porto From Poggenpohl

Rosemary Porto From Poggenpohl, Boston

Rosemary Porto is an interior designer like no other. She has been in business since 1985 and is known for her innovative and modern thinking when it comes to kitchen and bath interior. She is a Boston based designer with a passion to create high end kitchen and bath interior designs that are the ultimate definition of luxurious. Her mindset is different from other interior designers out there. She likes to think outside the box and design something truly exceptional and innovative.


Rosemary is a senior designer at Poggenpohl, Boston. This store was established back in 1892 by Friedemir Poggenpohl. It is the first German kitchen brand and has come a long way since then. The aim of the creator was to improve the kitchen and that is exactly what this store has been doing since over a century. The aim of Poggenpohl is to create kitchens that are perfect in every little detail and to do that, they have a team of the best designers and craftsman. Rosemary is one of those designers and is well known for understanding the client’s vision and creating something that not only aligns with that vision but also with the look and feel of their homes.

Rosemary is the holder of many award winning designs which are often featured in regional and national shelter magazines. She holds strong alliances with the best builders, architects and interior designs out there to help her with new construction and renovations. Besides being a remarkable interior designer, she has been a member of IFDA since 1996 and was President of the New England chapter in 2002. Today, she is a member of the Boston Society of Architects on the Women in Design Committee. She uses this position to hold many charity and industry events.