IFDA Educational Foundation Volunteers

slide-1Calling all Members of IFDA

Do you want to volunteer time to a 501c(3) Charitable Foundation to further the education and professional development of its members and others? The Educational Foundation of IFDA is looking for dedicated IFDA members to serve on its Board of Directors and committees.

The 2017 Board of Directors has the following positions open:

                    Chair Elect                                                     3 year commitment

(Becomes Chair, then Past Chair/advisor)

                      Director of Communications                      2 year commitment

                       Director of Resources                                  2 year commitment

We also need industrious people to serve on the

Communications Committee

(submits articles for NewsNet, helps develop flyers and other communications materials)

Resources Committee

(solicits or follows up on Partners-in-Learning Donors,

develops fund raising ideas,

assists with a special project in development)

The EF Board is familiar with leaders in the Chapters and National that we can invite to join us, but these people have already made or fulfilled a commitment.   We know there are many talented people within the organization that do not serve on the Chapter or National level or have finished their commitments in these areas and may want to help the Educational Foundation with the above.

We are an easy going fun group. Time commitment is not overwhelming and is less with more people helping out.

If you are interested in serving in any of the above capacities, please contact

Joyce Poynton, FIFDA

Past Chair/Advisor


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